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Store Search Results

Irena's Crafty Critters

I have a huge variety of craft items for sale. Have a look and see if I can help.

720 items
  • Folk Art Pattern - Teddie Floss Box by Annette Stevenson
  • Birch Creative Collage Super Trimmer
  • Book - Bucilla Ribbon Embroidery
  • Book - Quilting "Facets" by Kathleen Eaton
  • Delta CeramDecor Accent Liner
  • Apple Cotton Print Fabric
  • Cross Stitch Kit - Pincushion with Bow and Charm
  • Dimensions Counted Cross Stitch Kit - Cuddly Bear Bunch
  • Punches - Carl CP10 in various shapes - long reach


Supplies for making hair accessories, jewellery and craft projects.

5 items
  • Kaiser craft wooden butterfly
  • Kaiser craft wooden Elephant
  • Wood craft mirror airplane
  • Wood craft mirror castle