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Store Search Results

Cake Stand Handles

A place to buy cake stand handles/fitting & create your very own tiered cake stand

38 items
  • BRONZE Heavy Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit
  • 3 tier Cake Stand Fitting with longer 20mm thread to accommodate a cup and sauce
  • BLACK Heavy Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit
  • HEAVY Gold Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit
  • Cake Stand Handle / Fittings 3 Tier Silver HEAVY Clover Centre Hardware Kit x 5
  • WHITE Heavy Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit
  • PINK RED BLACK WHITE Cake Stand Fitting 3 Tier HEAVY Crown Hardware Kit x 4
  • How to make a 3 tiered Cake stand DIY kit Handles Fittings Hardware Gold Crown
  • 4 x 2 tier Cake Stand Plate Handles Fittings BRONZE HEAVY Crown Clover Oval


50% off most things, hurry as stocks are low...….Everything for the happy crafter

420 items
  • 20 Antique Silver Spacer Beads
  • 10 x10mm Cabochon Settings Earring Post Kit & Glass Domes,Silver Plate (5Pairs)
  • 5 Pink and Yellow Crochet Flowers- LAST SET
  • 10 Red Shabby Chic Bella Fabric Flower Embellishments
  • 10 Antique Bronze Earring Wires with glue pad (5 pairs)
  • 10 Round 25mm Glass Domes
  • 2 Eyelet Chiffon Ruffle Lace Flowers- Red
  • 50 Antique Bronze Belcher Link 30" Chain Necklaces- Lobster Clasp
  • 20 Toddler Assorted Colors Baby Snap Clips with Glue Pad

Lilac Blossom's Die Cuts

Lilac Blossom's Die Cuts will be selling Die Cuts only for all paper crafts of card making and scrap booking etc, but will be glad to help if possible with any query.

30 items
  • Die Cuts x 8 Gold Angels 
Free Postage
  • Die Cuts x 8 Gold Wreaths
Free Postage
  • Die Cuts Peach Ovals
Postage included
  • Die Cuts x 8 Gold Christmas Trees 
Free Postage
  • Die Cuts x Black Christmas   Postage Included
Postage Included
  • Die Cuts x 8 Christmas Stockings
Free Postage
  • Die Cuts x 3 Piece Doilies

Free Postage

Krissy Kat Supplies

I've decided to clear a lot of my stock. Some things I've had for many, many years and have realised that I will never use it all up so am having a clearing sale.

19 items
  • Display Tree
  • Doll Head and Hands - Extra Large - 37cm
  • Linen Fabric - Black Background + Flowers
  • Clown Head
  • Doll Head - similar to Cabbage Patch
  • Clown Head
  • Set of 4 Clown Heads and 1 set of Hands
  • Doll Head and Hands -Medium 26cm Circumference
  • Small Santa and Mrs. Clause Plastic Heads - 4


PDF Printables for artists and crafters.

7 items
  • Art Deco Ladies 1 Printables
  • Vintage Car ATCs Printable
  • French Illusion Honneur Dictionary Printables
  • French Honnete Flatter Dictionary Printables
  • Marie Antoinette Fashion 17th Century Printables
  • Art Deco Ladies 2 Printables
  • French Receipts Floral Illustrations ATCs Printable

Angel Lea Designs

Fresh, Modern & Fun Sewing Patterns, Children's Designs, Applique Templates

136 items
  • Sewing Pattern Bundle - 3 PDF Sewing Patterns of Your Choice
  • Reindeer Applique Template Christmas Reindeer Applique Pattern PDF
  • Elephant Applique Template, Animal, DIY, Children, PDF Pattern
  • Christmas Tree and Presents Applique Template. PDF Pattern by Angel Lea Designs
  • Cupcake Applique Template, Cake, Food, DIY, PDF Pattern for Children, Girls
  • Thongs Applique Pattern. Flip Flops PDF Template. Shoes Applique Design
  • Any 3 PDF Applique Templates, You Choose Designs, Multiple Purchase Discount
  • Valentine Elephant Applique Template, Valentine's Day Designs, DIY, PDF Pattern
  • Valentine Owl Applique Template, Bird, Animal, DIY, PDF Pattern

Irena's Crafty Critters

I have a huge variety of craft items for sale. Have a look and see if I can help.

746 items
  • Brown Fringing 4 cm
  • Fabric - Cotton - Butterflies
  • Pure Wool Blanketing - Cot Size (two colours)
  • Book - Folk Art Country Style
  • Lefranc & Bourgeois Ageing Varnish
  • Mohair - teddy bear making
  • Synthetic Fur for toy/bear making - long shaggy orange coloured
  • Magazine - The Art of Folk Art Volume 15
  • Olive Green or Burgundy  Trim/Braid

Bag Supplies Plus

Australian provider of bag making supplies such as, interfacing, stabilisers, zippers, fabric, and heaps more!

11 items
  • Tula Pink Chipmunk Ribbon - 38mm
  • Legacy L-71F - Ultra Firm Fusible Stabiliser - 50cm
  • Pellon Decovil - Fusible - 45 cm wide
  • Pellon Shape-Flex SF101 - Fusible - 38.1cm x 1.8m - White
  • Pellon Sew-in Flex Foam (FF77) - 50 cm wide
  • Tula Pink Coloring Book
  • Wonder Tape - Double Sided Wash Away -  6mm
  • Pellon Econo Fleece - 45" wide
  • Pellon Shape-Flex SF101 - Fusible - 50 cm wide - Black

Dew Supplies!

Welcome to my shop! You can find all the supplies that you need to make a lovely pendant!

106 items
  • 10 x Oval Pendant Settings includes Trays and matching glasses 30X40mm
  • 10 Black Rolo Chains Necklaces, 60 cm
  • 20 Rolo Chain Necklace Vintage style,  Ready to wear 24 inch (60 cm)
  • 10 Antique Bronze Blank Pendant Settings, 18mm glass inserts are included
  • 10 Black Rolo Chains Necklaces, 60 cm
  • 3D Crystal Lacquer 2 oz Glaze Adhesive, Greate for making Glass Tile, Scrabble t
  • 100 x 6mm Iron Earstuds Earrings Platinum
  • 2 xKit Size 3D Crystal Lacquer Glaze 1/8oz,Greate for making Glass Tile Pendants
  • 10pcs Sparrow Golden Color Bird Charms - Jewelry Metal Bird bead


Shop exclusive design wedding invitations at IndianWeddingCards and give a majestic touch to your dream wedding. Our invitation cards are specially designed with loving sentiments and affection.

6 items
  • Light Yellow Modern Indian Wedding Invitation
  • Beautiful Cobalt Blue Hindu Wedding Cards
  • Copper Royal Scroll Wedding Invitations
  • Gloriour Black Matte Floral Wedding Invitations

Studio Downstairs

Mixed media, vintage fabrics, vintage haberdashery, general craft supplies and books & magazines..

17 items
  • Keepsake Crafts - Beads,Easy-to-make projects to give and treasure,Craft Destash
  • Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios Magazine, Spring 2011, Craft Destash
  • Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios Magazine, Winter 2009/2010, Craft Destash
  • VINTAGE PROJECTS, Gorgeous Craft Projects Inspired By The Past, Soft Cover Book
  • Roses From The Heart, Raelene Stratfold, Folkart, Decorative Painting, Destash
  • Belly Dancer Doll Pattern, Wall Doll, Lynne Butcher, Craft Destash
  • BATIK FABRIC RED, Black, White, Vintage Cotton Length
  • Jackies Freehand Seminar, Jackie Shaw, Folkart, Decorative Painting, Destash
  • VINTAGE GLASS CLASP Buckle, Art Deco, Bohemian, Pressed glass, Pearly lustre


Craft & sewing supplies and Jewellery Findings

8 items
  • 2 Panda Motif
  • 4 Cup Cake Motifs
  • 10 Lace Butterflies
  • 35 Hair Clips
  • 8 Puffy Satin Butterflies
  • 16 Mixed Dotted Bows
  • 20 Leather Bracelets Straps
  • 5 Red Heart Motifs

SILKS4U Australia

Welcome to SILKS4U. We aim to provide affordable, quality silk and stitching products. Our silk is top quality at a very reasonable price. Custom dyeing is available with $6 dyeing fee. 1/2 ($25) and 1/4 ($15) are also available on request.

167 items
  • Needle Minder - Silver Frog - FRO0003C
  • Premium Silk - PR157
  • Needle Minder - Crystal Flower and Butterfly - BUT0008P
  • 100% silk - PR-Natural
  • Needle Minder - Crystal Flower - FLO0002C
  • Premium Silk - PR067
  • Natural Pink Carved Shell Bow Beads
  • Premium Silk - PR118
  • 100% silk Skein - SK-076