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Fees & Billing FAQs

Sell for FreeFrom April to October 2017, selling on Craftumi will be 100% free. All normal charges detailed below, including listing fees, extra category fees, promoted / gift guide listing fees and sales comissions will accru on your account, but you will not be charged or invoiced and all accounts will be credited their total outstanding balance on 1st November 2017. You are not committed to continue selling on Craftumi beyond the free period and can deactivate any listings still current to avoid paying commissions on sales after 31st October 2017. After that point, our usual rates detailed below will resume.

How much does selling on craftumi cost?

Craftumi charges a flat fee of 35c per listing.
If your item is sold you will be charged 4.5% on the sale price (we do not charge commission on postage).

Do I get charged for quantities?

Quantities are charged on sale rather than when you first list your item. If you sell 2 quantities of an item you will be charge 35c for the extra quantity and 4.5% commission on both quantity. (Quantities will be free from April to 30 September 2017)

Are there any additional features that may incur a fee?

When creating your listing there are additional features available that incur extra costs.
• To have your listing featured (on a random rotation) on the front page for up to 15 days (or until sold) is an additional cost of $2.00 per listing.
• To list your item in a second category will cost an additional 25c

When do I get charged for my item listing fees?

You will be charged your listing fee (35c plus + additional category + gift guide feature) when you upload your product.
The sales commission (4.5%) will be charged at the time that the item sells.
If the buyer buys a item with a quantity higher than 1 then you will be charge for the extra quantity on sale.

How long does my listing last?

Listings last for 4 months or 120 days from the date of creation of the listing unless the item sells before this time.

When & how am I invoiced for my craftumi fees?

craftumi invoices sellers on the 1st of the month via your nominated email address.
craftumi is registered for GST.

How can I pay my craftumi fees?

You will have 7 days to pay for your invoice and your invoice can be paid via PayPal or with your credit card via paypal or via direct deposit into our nominated bank account.
Failure to pay your fees will result in your account being restricted and your items removed from sale, once you pay your account your store will be unrestricted.

I made a direct debit payment for my account fees. When will my account be updated?

We update our Direct Deposit payments once a week. If your craftumi account has not been updated with your payment after a week, please contact craftumi support via our contact page so we can investigate.

Is there an option to view my invoice at any time?

Your craftumi fees is viewable at any time via your my craftumi account. To view your invoice click on "My Craftumi" in the top navigation bar, and click the "My Bill" link

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