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Sell on Craftumi

Craftumi is a family run marketplace exclusively for Australians to sell art and craft supplies.

We're locally owned and operated and we take pride in providing other Aussies a family-friendly income opportunity, whether you're wanting to start a home business, selling supplies on the side as a hobby, or just trying to convert your stash into cash.

The site averages 54,000 unique page views from 4,500 unique visitors each month and we promote your products in monthly emails to nearly 6,000 subscribers.

Sure, we're not as big as some of the multinational marketplaces, but we offer personalised service and a commitment to helping other small businesses, and we're currently offering our service completely free of charge until further notice.

You'll pay no fees, and no sales commissions for selling on Craftumi. It's completely FREE! Yippee! Check out our billing FAQs for all the details and create your store today. You've really got nothing to lose!


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