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Irena's Crafty Critters

Pattern Packets - by Annette Stevenson

Price ($AUD): $12.18


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This listing is for one pattern packet by Annette Stevenson.

Pattern packets include:

(1) Teddy Bear Sampler x 1

(2) Prudence - Bear in pretty floral hat and lavender lace top x 4

(3) Rose Comporte - rose edged plate x 1

(4) Rose and Fruit Platter - rose and fruit edged plate x 2

(5) Teddie Floss Box x 1

(6) The Family Keepsake Box x 2

(7) Teddie Christmas Plate x 1

(8) Teddie Bear Cupboard x 1

(9) Teddie Bear Meatsafe x 2

(10) Perpentual Calendar x 1

(11) George and Rose x 3

The pattern packet included painting instructions, colour photo, requirements list and full sized pattern.

Please specify which pattern packet you require when ordering.

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Price ($AUD): $12.18


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