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Beadalon Beading Loom New

Price ($AUD): $23.95


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Beadalon Beading Loom

new in a box

Wood and metal Beadalon Beading Loom is easy to set up so you

can begin weaving right away.Weaving is simple and safe

with no sharp edges to cut or damage thread.

Beadalon Beading Loom is perfect for creating various continuous

woven designs using seed beads from small amulet bags to long, stylish belts.

Looming is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years

for creating ornamentation on clothing and items of personal adornment.

Comes boxed with detailed instructions. Work area is 6.3cm x 11.4cm

SKU: 206A-050

This Beadalon Loom kit includes:

1.Metal Loom Frame

2.Wing Nuts (2)

3.Spool with Nailhead(2)

4.Separator bar (2)

5.Threaded Bolts (2)

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Price ($AUD): $23.95


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