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Flower Of Life ~ Cross Stitching, Knitting, Crocheting, Rug Making SE40015

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~ ~ ~

This pattern can be used for cross stitching and rug making. If you are an advanced crafter, you can also use this pattern for knitting or crocheting. Please see additional information below.

This is a digital pattern. Material and threads are not included. The digital files will be emailed to you within 48 hours, often within 12 hours though, once payment has been processed.

Once downloaded, simply unzip the folder on your computer and enjoy creating. (You will need a PDF reader to view the pattern.)

Design Name: Flower Of Life
Width: 205 stitches
Height: 204 stitches
Colours: 1

The actual size of the finished design will depend on the fabric, thread and craft type that you choose. Please refer to the table below and if your desired craft type is not listed, please contact me. Please note that these are the measurements of the design itself and do not include a border. I usually add approximately 10cm or 4” each side for a border.

12 Aida: 43.4cm x 43.2cm or 17.1” x 17”
14 Aida: 37.2cm x 37cm or 14.6” x 14.6”
16 Aida: 32.5cm x 32.4cm or 12.8” x 12.8”

Rug making:
3.3 HPI canvas: 157.8cm x 157cm or 62.1” x 61.8”
5 HPI canvas: 104.1cm x 103.6cm or 41” x 40.8”

10cmx10cm test square – 24 stitches by 30 rows – 4mm needle – 8ply yarn (single crochet stitches (American) or double crochet stitches (British)): 85.4cm x 68cm or 33.6” x 26.8"

10cmx10cm test square – 22 stitches by 30 rows – 4mm needles – 8ply yarn: 93.2cm x 68cm or 36.7” x 26.8”

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that crochet stitches and knitting stitches are not square (but more wide than high), the proportions of the finished piece will be different to the image shown above. It will be more wide and less high (obviously!). Please refer to the sizing table above. If you have any questions, please contact me before purchasing.

ADDITIONAL NOTE (for advanced knitters and crocheters): If you can manage to knit or crochet a test square with the same amount of stitches to the same amount of rows, your finished piece will look like the image above.

This is a link to a website where you can calculate fabric use and design size when cross-stitching: http://yarntree.com/java/xstitchcal.htm .
Please also keep in mind to purchase more fabric for the border around the design as well as for finishing the project, i.e. in a frame.

Included in the zip file are:
- Information sheet including colours and corresponding symbols, amount of stitches in each colour, printing and layout information
- A list of DMC colours
- 2 PDF patterns – one in colour (including symbols) and one in black and white. Both patterns are enlarged across multiple pages for easier identification and printing
- 2 large jpg images of the pattern – one in colour (including symbols) and one in black and white

Thank you for your consideration.

~ ~ ~

- You may use this pattern to make personal items and gifts.
- You may also use this pattern to make items for sale. But please give credit to the digitizer.
- This pattern (or any parts of it) in its original digital format may not be sold, shared, traded or distributed in any way.

It takes many hours to digitize patterns. Thank you for respecting this.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

~ ~ ~

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Price ($AUD): $6.60


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