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Cake Stand Handles

  • This item is not currently available as the seller is on holiday. Please click here to view their other items

WHITE Heavy Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit

3 Tier Cake Stand Handle / FittingWHITE heavy Crown - Metal
These fittings are heavier and longer than the other Crown style available in my shop
Each rod measures 12.9cm allowing 11.5cm gap between each plate
handle height is 12.6cm (appr weight is 80g)

Lighter, smaller Crown Fittings also available in my shop

Suitable to fit a 6mm hole

Kit includes:
White Metal 3 Tier Centre fitting
5 washers
1 metal washer
1 flat head screw

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

+ $1.00 per additional item

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