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Cake Stand Handles

  • This item is not currently available as the seller is on holiday. Please click here to view their other items

HEAVY Gold Crown Fitting / Cake Stand Handle 3 Tier Centre Hardware kit

3 Tier Cake Stand Handle / Fitting Heavy Gold Crown - Metal

These fittings are heavier and longer than the other Crown style available in my shop - pls see pic 2 for comparison

Each rod measures 12.9cm allowing 11.5cm gap between each plate - handle height is 12.6cm (appr weight is 80g)

Lighter, smaller Crown Fittings also available in my shop

Suitable to fit a 6mm hole

Kit includes:
Gold Metal 3 Tier Centre fitting
5 washers
1 metal washer
1 flat head screw

Postage & Handling

Within Australia

+ $1.00 per additional item
FREE per additional item

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