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Cake Stand Handles

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6mm Diamond Core Tipped Drill Bit Hole Saw China Porcelain Ceramic Cake Stand

6mm Diamond Core Drill Bit
This Drill bit is suitable to drill 6mm holes into plates to fit the Cake Stand Handles that are listed in my Store
Also suitable for drilling into: Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Teracotta
These drill bits are used in the building industry as they are fast action cost effective

When drilling in hard, abrasive materials such as  limestone, sandstone, hard ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble or granite, it is  critical to have lots of lubrication. With these hard materials, it is common to drill under water or to have a small amount of water constantly running over the drill bit and bore hole.
Use rotary action only not hammer action
The life of any type of diamond drill bit depends upon the hardness, abrasiveness and thickness of the material being drilled and the specific drilling techniques used (drill speed, pressure and lubrication), however, the diamonds of a drill bit don't actually wear out as much as they wear off due to heat and friction caused by the extreme hardness and abrasiveness of the material drilled.
When using diamond drills on glass, ceramic or porcelain tile, limestone, marble and granite, etc, it is very important to have only light to medium pressure on the drill and to let the bit "drill at its own speed" Increasing pressure will not speed up the cutting noticeably, but it will increase the friction considerably and quickly cause the bit to overheat.This not only burns up the bit, but it also heats up the surrounding surface and can cause heat fractures or breakage to occur.
Always wear safety glasses

Postage cost for drill bit will be free if purchased with any of my Cake stand Handles

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