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Craft Time

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New Items

Felt Balls x150 Mixed Colours. 2cm. Wool. Colourful beads. Multicolour. Bulk.
Felt Balls x100 Mixed Colours. 2cm. Wool. Multicolour. Colourful Beads. Bulk
Felt Balls x50 Mixed Colours. 2cm. Wool. Colourful. Multicoloured. Bulk.
2cm Felt Balls x20 Multi colour.Wool. Colourful. Mixed colours. Bulk.
Felt Balls 1cm to 1.5cm x100 Mixed Colours. Wool. Colourful Beads. Bulk
Felt Balls 1cm to 1.5cm x200 Mixed Colours. Wool. Colourful Beads. Bulk
Valentine Owl Applique Template, Bird, Animal, DIY, PDF Pattern
Applique Template, Birthday Cupcake with Number on Top, Children, PDF Pattern
Butterfly Applique Template, DIY, PDF Pattern for Children
200pcs - 6mm Surgical Steel Studs
Resin Flower Cabochons - 16mm Rose Sampler - 24pcs
Resin Flower Cabochons - 15mm Aster Sampler - 22pcs
Resin Flower Cabochons - 10mm Dahlia Flowers - 30pcs
Birds on a Wire - Ant Silver - 3pcs
20pcs - Resin Flower Cabochons - White
Nylon Satin Cord DIY Jewellery x 5 Meters
10xHexagon Silicone Teething Beads
5xTrapezoid Silicone Teething Beads Black